In the medical domain there is an ever increasing demand for Calcium Phosphates as Calcium and Phosphorous are two very essential minerals for a healthy body. Medical professionals and health conscious consumers understand its nutritional value and the major role it plays in maintaining healthy bones and fighting osteoporosis. Studies have shown that Calcium when combined with Phosphorous is rendered more effective.

Calcium Phosphates are important excipients used as diluents and fillers in the Pharmaceutical and Food industry because of their inherent characteristic of compatibility with most other active ingredients.
Calcium Phosphates:
1. A-Comprez®
Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Powder
Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Directly Compressible
Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Fine Granular
2. DI-Comprez®
Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Powder
Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Directly Compressible
Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Unmilled
3. TRI-Comprez®
Tri Calcium Phosphate Powder
Tri Calcium Phosphate Directly Compressible
All above grades comply with BP/EP/USP latest editions & EC Regulations.
Calcium Carbonate:
1. Calcium Carbonate BP/EP, USP Powder (Grounded & Precipitated)
2. Calcium Carbonate Oyster Shell Powder
3. PressCAL® MD90 (Calcium Carbonate (MD) 90% Granular)
4. PressCAL® MD95 (Calcium Carbonate (MD) 95% Granular)
5. PressCAL® MD92.5 (Calcium Carbonate (MD) 92.5% Granular)
6. PressCAL® MA92.5 (Calcium Carbonate (MD+AC) 92.5% Granular)
7. PressCAL® AC90 (Calcium Carbonate (AC) 90% Granular)
8. PressCAL® GS90 (Calcium Carbonate (GS) 90% Granular)
9. PressCAL® CS90 (Calcium Carbonate (CS) 90% Granular)
10. PressCAL® HC98 (Calcium Carbonate (HC) 98% Granular)
11. PressCAL® AC95 (Calcium Carbonate (AC) 95% Granular)
12. PressCAL® PVP97 (Calcium Carbonate (PVP) 97% Granular)
Wide range in Particle Size available
Newly Introduced Products:
Ferric Pyrophosphate
Ferric Orthophosphate
Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium Stearate
Simethicone 30% & 100%
Sodium Bicarbonate
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